When the word “COVID-19” first came to our awareness, it seemed far away and unlikely to impact us. Over the next few weeks, the concern grew, and we started seeing restrictions on travel and business. When we look around us now, it is hard to believe that what was once a far off thought is now a daily reality of wearing masks, waiting in lines, and feeling concern for our loved ones. We know that some of you may be dealing with a loss of a loved one, others are working in a front-line role (whether healthcare, food, delivery services, etc), still more you are coping with drastic shifts and significant loss. Our hearts go out to you. While we are all experiencing this differently, there is one thing that we all share:

Each of us has lost something to COVID-19.

Today I wanted to give you the opportunity to grieve what you may have lost; in wholehearted acceptance. I acknowledge you. Take a moment to settle and ground yourself in your seat. If you feel comfortable, take a big breath in, and a big breath out. It’s okay to grieve…

  • A Stable Paycheck
  • Your Cancelled Trip
  • Bringing your Children to School
  • Attending School
  • Your Graduation Ceremony
  • A Birthday
  • Watching Sports
  • Your Freedom
  • Your Privacy
  • Time Alone
  • Time with Others
  • Time with Family
  • Time with Friends  
  • Being Able to Say No to Communication with Family
  • Being Able to Leave an Abusive Relationship
  • Your Wedding
  • Attending a Wedding
  • Dating-Life
  • Your Birth-Plan
  • Your Baby Shower
  • Your Job
  • A Loved One
  • Hugs and Physical Touch
  • Sense of Control
  • Sense of Safety
  • A Dream You Had for 2020
  • Meeting with Your Therapist in-Person
  • ____________________ insert something you might be grieving, big or small 

Is there a list of things that aren’t included? If so, write them down.

As you read through the list, did you notice anything? Any feelings?

If you feel comfortable, take a breath and name the feeling. Is it anger, sadness, frustration, numbness, relief? Each of these emotions are normal. It’s okay to grieve what we’ve lost to COVID-19. 

Take another breath in and remember you are deserving of kindness. Let the breath out and if you are able, think about one thing you are thankful for at this time. I am thankful for: __________ . Let the thankfulness fill your lungs. 

Remember to show yourself compassion and kindness. Give yourself the same love you would show towards a person you care about. Maybe use this as an opportunity to share this with that person. Or if you have a therapist, we would be glad if you shared your thoughts over a phone or video session.

I hope you are staying strong and look forward to regaining normal life soon as well.    

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