For the past few weeks, the world has witnessed an uprising against racism. As a therapist, I am heartened by number of people in the world who are standing for change that is long overdue.

I recognize that there is privilege and systemic racism that is so intricately woven in society. We live in a society that is supposed to be safe, but for the BIPOC community it causes hurt and pain.

To the BIPOC community, I want you to know that your feelings are real and warranted. I recognize and it saddens me that you have experienced a culture that has not supported you.

To White persons, I recognize that we are facing the realities of our own privilege and feeling the heartbreak of those around us.  

Given the intricacies and the myriad of voices on the issues, in this post I would like to highlight the voices of Black individuals.



Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth (SAPACCY)

Provides support and counselling to African and Caribbean Canadian youth who are dealing with problem substance use and mental health concerns.

Across Boundaries

Provides mental health services for racialized communities.

Caribbean African Canadian Social Services (Cafcan)

Focuses on strengthening the African Canadian community through the use of psycho-social services.

Taibu community health centre

Focuses on Black mental health and wellbeing.

Women’s South in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre

A community centre for racialized women in Toronto.

Midaynta Community & Youth Services

A Somali women’s association that provides remote counselling.

Therapy Resources:

T.A. Laszloffy, & K. V. Hardy, “Uncommon Strategies for a Common Problem: Addressing Racism in Family Therapy.” (2004).

L. Savage & K. Knight, “White Therapists, Here’s What Your Black Colleagues Want You to Know.” 20 Therapists of Color on Race-Based Trauma. (2020).

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